Wellis Air Disinfection Purifier "WADU-02"

Wellis Air Disinfection Purifier "WADU-02"

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  • Wellis Air: 18 Months Full Warranty +1 Cartridge

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The sun's ultraviolet rays are combined with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. Wellis Air's patented technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air. No virus can survive without hydrogen. Wellis Air steals the hydrogen from viruses and combines it with OH radicals to form H2O. That's right. We take viruses and turn the output into water molecules. Wellis Air is the best disinfection system and solution for your health.

Wellis Air Features

  • Air & Surface Disinfection Purifier for home and business. Wellis Air produces and spreads hydroxyl radicals (OH).
  • Removes 99.9% of existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on surfaces and in the air.
  • Compact and smart design. Wellis Air can hang, sit, stand in tight spaces.
  • Energy Efficient. Low electric consumption: 3.6 watts per hour. (1 AED per month running 24/7)
  • Works with OH cartridges charged with limonene solution. Each cartridge has a 3 month lifetime.
  • On average, it reaches 550 - 650 square feet.
  • Tactile display with buttons: ON/OFF, Night Mode, Alarm indicators, Low Cartridge Alert.
  • Real-time LED which shows the air and surface contamination state inside the actuation zone. Display LED changes color from red, yellow, and blue for clean.
  • Quiet cleaning. Low sound levels less than 30 decibels
  • Night mode turns OFF the LED and reduces the device noise further for a good night's rest.
  • Filter-less technology. No filters or UV replacement lamps needed.
  • Light weight: 1.7 Kg (3.7 lbs) - Including cartridge
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee


    Wellis Air: The Science

    Cleaning Cartridges Included

    • Wellis Air: 1 Free OH Cartridge (3 Months of Clean Surface and Air)


    • Wellis Air: 18 Months Parts and Labor

    Wellis Air Dimensions

    • Depth: 6 inches | 150mm
    • Width: 8.5 inches | 220mm
    • Height: 14.5 inches | 370mm

    Wellis Air Weight

    • 3.7 lbs | 1.7kg

    Wellis Air vs Other Purifier Systems

    Type Size of particles removed Bacteria Viruses Allergens Molds & Yeasts VOC's Cigarette Smoke Odors Maintenance Coverage Technology Cost Toxic Efficiency
    Wellis Air < 0.1 microns Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Some Large Active Low No High
    HEPA Filters 0.3 microns Some No Yes Yes No No No Yes Medium Passive High No Low
    Carbon Filters N/A Some No Some Some Yes Yes Yes Yes Small Passive High No Low
    UV Lamp N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Some Small Active Low Yes Low
    Ion Generator 0.1 microns Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Some Small Active Low No Low
    Ozone Generator N/A Some Some No Some Some Yes Yes Some Medium Active Low Yes Low
    Photocatalysis 0.1 microns Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Small Passive High Yes Low

    Business Testimonial

    Home Testimonial

    Wellis Air uses (OH) Radical technology to eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, harmful gases, mold, and other airborne or surface contaminants. See our process in action on our OH Technology page.

    Dhs. 1,995.00