The sun's ultraviolet rays combine with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. Wellis Air's patented technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air.

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Wellis Air vs Other Purifier Systems

Type Size of particles removed Bacteria Viruses Allergens Molds & Yeasts VOC's Cigarette Smoke Odors Maintenance Coverage Technology Cost Toxic Efficiency
HEPA Filters 0.3 microns Some No Yes Yes No No No Yes Medium Passive High No Low
Carbon Filters N/A Some No Some Some Yes Yes Yes Yes Small Passive High No Low
UV Lamp N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Some Small Active Low Yes Low
Ion Generator 0.1 microns Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Some Small Active Low No Low
Ozone Generator N/A Some Some No Some Some Yes Yes Some Medium Active Low Yes Low
Photocatalysis 0.1 microns Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Small Passive High Yes Low
Wellis Air < 0.1 microns Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Some Large Active Low No High

Wellis Air Studies

WellisAir Replicates Mother Nature’s Hydroxyl Radicals (OH·) Mechanism
(OH·) - WellisAir uses an innovative and patented technology that efficiently and safely generates and expands hydroxyl radicals (OH·) that, by means of Advanced Oxidation Processes (POA), eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Hydroxyl radicals (OH·) in sufficient concentrations perform biocidal functions in viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold, and degrade airborne organic compounds to mineral forms or harmless organic compounds.


(OH·) steals a hydrogen from the protein that surround the harmful Bacteria or Virus such as Corona Virus, and destroys of the Virus structure, and converted to harmless H2O droplets.

Efficacy against COVID-19

Viruses in the coronavirus family are between 60-200 nm in diameter, have a helically symmetrical nucleocapsid and a lipid sheath that is derived from the membrane of the previously infected host cell and contains glycoproteins and surface antigens. The characteristic projections of this genus arise from the lipid sheath, forming a solar corona around it that is visible under a microscope and gives the family its name. Having an envelope implies that the virus is sensitive to different external factors and agents such as heat, lipid solvents, not ionic detergents, formaldehyde and oxidizing agents, and UV irradiation. 

Viruses with structures similar to COVID-19 such as the Syncytial Virus (RSV), are expected elimination result of between 92 and 99%, depending on the relative humidity conditions.



(OH·) excellent disinfection efficacy:

  1. High oxidation potential of 2.8V
  2. Very short processing time
  3. (OH) is a green oxidant, decompose into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2) without residual oxidants after their biochemical reactions.

Purification & Disinfection:

  • The process starts by breaking down the viruses and bacteria protection membrane (lipid reaction);
  • Alters the genetic information of viruses and bacteria (lipid peroxidation reaction);
  • Oxidizes volatile organic components VOCs in heavier products that fall to the ground;
  • Decomposes particles suspended in the air.

Soon after (OH·) starts its oxidation process, due to “Respiratory Explosion” effect the Cascade reaction more (OH·) are produced and hence accelerating the elimination of Viruses and bacteria.


WellisAir Applications

·     Home, Residence, Offices, and Workspaces,

·     SPA, Gym, Malls, Beauty Saloon, Retails & Showrooms,

·     Schools & Kindergarten,

·     Healthcare; Waiting rooms, Operating rooms, Emergencies & Dentists,

·     Food Industry, Processing or Packaging centres,

·     Supermarkets, Storage facilities, Groceries, Bakeries, Restaurants, Coffeeshops,

·     Mosques, Churches, Laboratories, Libraries, Cinemas, Theatre, Veterinaries & Museum

·     Public & Government buildings, Airports, Train, Metro and Bus Stations.


Virus Removal

WellisAir technology has been tested on several viruses with different characteristics and with Wet & Dry environments.

WellisAir's efficacy results in viruses without envelope indicate that in wet conditions the efficacy is less than in dry environments, while in viruses with envelope, the humidity favors the advanced oxidation process and virus elimination than in dry environments. In all tests, the results obtained are around 90-99% elimination, making WellisAir ideal for viral disinfection of air and surfaces.


Bacteria Removal

WellisAir has been tested on both Gram “+” and Gram “-” Bactria, such as: Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella with 99.7% elimination efficacy of the bacteria within a few hours of exposure.


Air Quality:

WellisAir Reduces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and atmospheric particles (PM) oxidizing them into harmless compounds. Several tests were carried out against formaldehydes (VOC) and PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles, seeing their almost total disappearance after half an hour of exposure to WellisAir. That makes WellisAir ideal for Food industries, Food storage, Laboratories or Transportation Sector, places where such compounds or atmospheric particles can be generated.


Air Quality: Odor Reduction

VOCs are formaldehydes, ammonia and toluene’s, responsible for the odor when going from a liquid (or solid) state to a gas.

Since it is very important that there is a toxin-free, pleasant and odorless environment in public places (administration, gyms, etc.), vets, farms, means of transport or offices, WellisAir has been tested against these compounds, obtaining results 80-99% reduction within a few hours of exposure to the advanced oxidative reaction.